Robin Winfield


Personal Statement


            When describing my work and the process I use, two words come to mind: structure and balance.  In structuring a piece, I begin with a realistic focus--the photograph-- and use this as a vehicle to express a mood or an aspect of the human condition.  Then, by extending the colors and the textures found in the photograph, I can create a world from my own imagination, the results bordering on the surreal.
          As a photographer, I am drawn to the beauty of the symmetry in architecture, the perfection of the man-made and its dichotomy—the abstract effects of natural weathering and the beauty of random abuse. Often my central focus is on “the doorway”; though universally similar in function, it can be incredibly diverse in form. Most of the doorways I choose to photograph are closed or blocked, leaving the viewer to create the world beyond.
           I challenge myself on each new piece as I continue to work at a discipline I find both stimulating and fulfilling.